Collaboration Projects

Etsy Holiday Pop-up Shop

December 2014

Etsy, best known for pioneering a market place where people from around the world connect online to discover unique goods,  selected FF as their launch pad for their very first offline Christmas Popup market called #UNWRAPETSY. The one week event brought together some of Montréals best creatives under Fripe Fabriques’s roof to create a special and intimate holiday shopping experience. Read about the details here.

etsy-pop-up-dec-2014-02 etsy-pop-up-dec-2014-05 etsy-pop-up-dec-2014-04 etsy-pop-up-dec-2014-06

ALDO Candle Holders

December 2014

ALDO Group, headquartered right here in Montréal, is one of the world’s leading fashion retailers that specializes in stylish footwear. The mega shoe company commissioned FF to help them create a warm, festive, handmade feeling for their annual holiday employee gala. The Fripe Fabrique team customized 200 DIY lanterns for their event.

aldo-candle-holders-dec-2014-01 aldo-candle-holders-dec-2014-4 aldo-candle-holders-dec-2014-2 aldo-candle-holders-dec-2014-3


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