Doily Embellished Tank Top DIY

Today we will show you a fun DIY that will turn your regular tank top into a stylish piece! We will embellish it with a vintage doily. Doilies can be found in almost any second hand store, and they cost close to nothing. Adding doilies to your clothing adds a nice textured element but also helps keep you cool. Literally and figuratively! 😉

What you need:

  • a tank top (you can also take any shirt or blouse)
  • a medium size doily
  • pins
  • fabric glue (optional)
  • scissors
  • a sewing machine (not pictured)
  • tread matching the color of the doily (not pictured)

Doily Embellished Tank Top DIY

Pin the doily to the middle of the top back (or wherever you wish!)

Stagger the pins to prevent the doily from shifting when you sew.

Doily Embellished Tank Top DIY

You can also secure each outer petal to your garment with fabric glue for more stability.

Doily Embellished Tank Top DIY

Select the zigzag stitch on your machine and sew in place along the outer edge of the doily. We used this stitch, because we are sewing on stretch knit fabric. The stitch allows to eliminate thread breakage when the tank is stretched to put on and take off. If you are not using a stretch fabric, you could use a regular straight stitch.

Make a second stitch closer to the center, around the circle area that will become the opening.

Hint: you can stitch right on top of the pins as long as you sew perpendicular to them.

Doily Embellished Tank Top DIY

Now it is time to do the cut out!

Turn the shirt inside out. Carefully cut along the inner stitch to trim out the fabric.

Doily Embellished Tank Top DIY

And voila! The tank top has turned from regular to super-trendy and breathable. Now it can beat the summer heat.

Doily Embellished Tank Top DIY

Happy DIYing!

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