How To Style Your Jeans With Vintage Brooches

It is no news flash that jeans are wardrobe staple. The great thing is that you can style the same pair over and over and over again in so many different ways. A couple of pairs that you really love is all you really need (but, ummm, it is true, I have more than that:)). Anyways, what is great about denim is that no matter what is trending at any given second, you can really work with what you have to fit your own personal style or update them to trends you like.

By scrolling through the masses upon masses of inspiration on Pinterest, I found this picture from Vogue Brazil shot back in 2013, styled by stylist Yasmine Starea…DROOL!! If you look at the bottom corner of the pic you can also see the very handsome price tag attached:) We were inspired to create our own look with a few vintage brooches, our old jeans and a minuscule budget!


More often than not, Miss Nadya is the photographer, while I style and we shoot one of our amazing friends. This time Nadya let me get behind the lens and shoot a few pics of her. She is very easy on the eyes…no? We played with FF’s collection of vintage brooches that we have in the shop until we got a composition that we liked. We have two similar variations, but the possibilities are endless!

For this look we paired it with a soft pink silk FF vintage blouse, a beige FF Vintage trench and UNA jewelry. The jeans and awesome, towering, chunky boots are Nadya’s own.







How are you styling your denim? Show us on Instagram @fripefabrique. Stay tuned for our next Denim DIY coming out pretty soon:)


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