WHO`s That Girl: Meet the Co-Owner of FF Online!

The two first adjectives that come to mind when describing Nadya Ershova, Co-Owner of FF Online, are: STYLISH-BRANIAC! Nadya works as a C++ developer at software company Radialpoint and has an obsession for all things vintage, DIY, and fashion. If that were not enough, Nadya also has a super keen eye for photography and writes a blog, dushonok.com! Originally from right outside Moscow, Nadya now calls Montreal home.

“I love making stuff by hand and I love to buy handmade things that the creators put their heart and soul into. Vintage things have a history behind them, and I love that. My photography and blog help me to create and capture my own reality” Nadya explains.

Her passions are pretty clear by her fashion sense. She is always wearing something she made herself, something made by an independent designer or something second-hand. She is a perfect spokes person for FF and we could not be happier to have her join forces for the online shop.

Fashion Outfit of Co-Owner of FF Online: Beret, DKNY Coat, Rainboots

Nadya in second-hand rubber boots, second-hand lace skirt, and bag and DIY upcycled denim shirt

Nadya and the founder of FF, Michelle, met while volunteering for the SWAP Team two summers ago; for the both of them it was not really volunteer work at all… it was a pure joy.

“We share the same values and enthusiasm, but we look at things differently. It is so energizing working together” says Michelle.

Realizing they have similar passions with opposing skill sets, it was a natural step for them to decide to collaborate on the idea of bringing the FF community online.


Owner of Fripe Fabrique and Dushonok: First Meeting on Onwer of FF and Co-Owner of FF Online

Michelle and Nadya on their first day working together for the FF online collaboration!


And now the FF online shop is here, so get ready!!! We are about to go L-I-V-E!!! And guess what!?!? Along with our grand opening online sale, the first ten orders get a set of miniature DUSHONOK photography.

Follow Dushonok on Instagram @dushonok and at dushonok.com!!


We can`t wait!!

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